5 Reasons to Play First-Person Casino Table Games

The seemingly endless progress of technology is changing our world in so many ways, and casino gaming is no exception. These days, players can access the latest online casino game technology from the palm of their hands, from just about anywhere — and there’s no better example than first-person casino games of just how innovative and immersive online gaming experiences have become.

Live casino games give players a wonderful and exciting table-game experience that can be enjoyed exclusively on mobile. Players get to experience all the benefits of a brick-and-mortar casino encounter through their smartphones, mobile phones or desktop computers.

What are first-person casino games?

First-person games were created to emulate the magic and excitement of live-dealer titles by allowing the player to switch to a single-player, first-person format. The game is played from the viewpoint of the player’s character or avatar. Players get to see a game display that makes them feel as if they are really sitting in a casino. First-person games include attention to the set design of the game, professional dealers, and camera views that immerses players in the gameplay on their screen.

Currently, Evolution Gaming is the only game developer that provides first-person casino games. It has already created first-person versions of many of its live titles – you’ll find games such as Evolution First Person Top Card and Evolution First Person Dragon Tiger at reputable online casino sites.

A game like Evolution First Person Blackjack is mechanically identical to Evolution Live Blackjack – but the player’s gameplay experience, of course, is quite different.

Why you should play first-person casino table games

1. They offer an immersive gaming experience

The 3D visuals and animation in Evolution Gaming’s First Person collection deliver superior immersive gaming while keeping you firmly in control of the action. Titles such as First Person Roulette use captivating graphics that allow players to embrace a (close to) real-life casino table experience. This exciting title offers all the fun that comes with online roulette while feeling like you’re right there, in the crowd on a genuine casino floor!

2. You can play at your own pace

Thanks to the familiar Evolution user interface and action buttons, you don’t have to relearn the ins and outs of the game. And you can take your time: you have the pleasure of playing these first-person games at your own pace, which takes the pressure off what would typically be experienced at a brick-and-mortar casino. This way, you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home while choosing to play however you like – whether it’s super-speedy gameplay or something with no timed betting period.

Sometimes, live table games can be slow-moving, which interferes with pleasant and smooth gameplay. For example, when online blackjack is played in live mode, the dealer has to wait for each player to bet, make decisions, and execute other game moves. The wait is amplified if the table is full, which can become annoying. With Evolution First Person games, players avoid the long waits, and they get to place bets as quickly or as slowly as they wish. It’s all about what suits your style of gameplay!

3. Players can customise their gaming experience

One of the perks of first-person casino gaming is that you have the ability to make adjustments as you see fit. If you have strong ideas about what you do and don’t like when you play casino games, then this will appeal to you! Of course, it depends on the game, but generally, you can tweak the game of your choice to your liking, such as opting for “Easy Mode”.

4. Views are similar to playing in a real-life casino

Compared to regular online casino games, Evolution’s First Person games are not static. The camera rotates at different times so that the player gets to view the action from various angles while they’re playing. At first, the camera view is stationed further away from the table, but the vantage point changes as the game progresses. It’s really quite exciting!

5. You don’t need tonnes of bandwidth

Depending on the player’s internet connectivity, a live video stream can be quite taxing on bandwidth. But with first-person games, players don’t need to factor in the strain that their internet connection might face, because there is no live stream.

Top first-person casino games

First Person Craps

Evolution Gaming’s First Person Craps comes with high-quality graphics and superb visual design. Players can set their chip values, which vary from 1 to 5,000. Craps is a simple game which only requires the player to predict the outcome of the dice throws. Players must bet on the various options that are available on the betting mat. It’s one of those games that, the more you play it, the more you get to understand it – and with this title, you’ve got as long as you want to think about your next play!

First Person Baccarat

When you’re ready, take your seat and start playing Evolution First Person Baccarat! In this fun and popular card game, players have the choice of 12 tables – six standard and six No Commission. These tables are available in the Baccarat Hall or multi-table view.

One last thing

What makes Evolution’s First Person gaming way more fun is that players have the option to “GO LIVE” and play against a live dealer – so you can enjoy both types of gaming experience one after another. Why not toggle between them and see which you prefer?

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/ 14 July 2021