Classic Slots and Why We Love Them

If you’ve been a fan of casino games for some time, then you’ll know that slot games have evolved incredibly quickly since they were hefty machines with a big lever on them. It only needs a glance at some of the newer titles of Online Slots to recognise that technology has taken them places that we simply couldn’t have imagined just a couple of years ago. And game developers never stop looking for new ways to push online and mobile slots to the next level. We constantly see the innovation and imagination that go into these games as they are released.

For many online casino fans, this evolution is an excellent thing, and it’s one of the prominent reasons why so many people choose to play casino slots. However, there is still space in the online world for the slot games of old: classic slots. Just a few of these classic games remain, while many others have lost out to the increased competition from newer slot titles. However, some online casino site believe that these retro slots still have a place, and so offer nostalgic players the opportunity to spin the reels of their favourite classic slots.

Let’s take a look at some of the classic slots at the casino site and find out why they remain so popular with online casino players.

$uper $pinner BarX

Often when we think of older slot games, the “BARs”, “Xs” and “Os” are what come to mind when it comes to symbols. And $uper $pinner BarX Jackpot King, to give the slot its full name, has these in abundance. It has 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 fixed paylines, just like the old classic games that we know and love.

The traditional symbols sit against a background of diamonds and starburst that will bring the nostalgia flooding back. The BAR and the X are the 2 standard symbols to keep an eye out for, as the O doesn’t offer any rewards. And although your wins must be on adjacent reels, they can go either left to right or right to left. The “Jackpot King” and the “Super Spins $” icons are bonus symbols, which activate extra features.

The $uper $pins bonus feature is triggered by landing 3 or more $ symbols on the active payline. You’ll get a number of free spins according to how many $ you land, and you can keep retriggering this within the bonus round. Now that’s what we call a free spins casino game!

Of course, what makes this slot game a little more modern is its exciting progressive jackpot. To trigger it, you’ll need to land 5 of the Jackpot King symbols on reels 1 to 5, and from here you’ll spin a new set of reels to climb your way up to the ultimate jackpot and hopefully win prizes along the way.

Arcade Bomb

If there’s one thing that reminds us of old-school, classic games in any format – it’s got to be an arcade. Flashing lights, the sound of machines and tickets streaming out to the lucky winner. Arcade Bomb brings back all of this arcade nostalgia, and is retro in almost every way, except for the exploding bombs that land on the reels!

Fruits, bells, and BAR symbols cover your screen, and you can expect the classic 20 paylines to help you get a winning combination. The thing to keep in mind, here, is that the game has NO bonus games or free spins. But before you let that get in the way of a perfectly great game, you need to remember that you’ll be constantly rewarded by the dropping bombs. The bombs have a countdown and will fall onto a bunch of your reels throughout the game. They turn the chosen symbols into the same symbol, which increases your chances of winning substantially.

This is a simple game, with a simple theme, but it’s certainly a throwback, and offers hours of classic entertainment for players to enjoy.

Twin Spin

What’s more classic than a pair of cherries, a bell, a diamond and a BAR symbol? Not much, in our eyes! Twin Spin is as retro as they come, and its cool, funky music simply adds to the old-school experience.

The game is simple enough, with 5 reels and 3 rows in a layout that’s as familiar as they come. Don’t be mistaken by its simplicity, however, as the game offers a whopping 243 ways to win! NetEnt has added a little something more modern to this game, with an extra wild symbol: the word “WILD”, set on fire. This is the symbol that will substitute for the other icons on the reels to help you form a winning combination.

Then there’s the Twin Reel Feature. Whenever you set the reels in motion, you’ll notice an adjacent reel that becomes linked with your main reel. While you spin, the “twin reels” will expand and incorporate up to 5 reels. This boosts your opportunity to win massively.

If it’s simple gameplay, a classic feel, and plenty of opportunities to win that you’re after, then Twin Spin is the perfect game for you.

Play some classic slots at Spin and Win

At Spin and Win, we know that classic slots will always have a place in our rapidly evolving world, and that’s why we have a whole section dedicated to them. If you aren’t sure which game to choose, you can always try the free spin, no deposit option to get a feel for them before you put your money down. Register with Spin and Win to explore our library of games – because we don’t just offer fantastic slots, there’s much more, including table & card games, roulette, live casino, and scratch & arcade. You’re bound to find something you love playing!

Lisa Stolmings / 17 May 2021