Deal Or No Deal From Tv Show To Online Roulette

TV game shows have kept us entertained for years and as time goes by, the number of incredible game shows that continue to keep us on the edge of our seats increases. Deal or No Deal is one such show that has enthralled audiences. Today, casino players can enjoy Deal or No Deal in a roulette game format at a reputable mobile casino site. We take a look at the history of Deal or No Deal and review the roulette game. Let’s find out what this game has to offer when you play it at an online casino.


The history of the Deal or No Deal TV game show

The game show was launched in the Netherlands and was referred to as Miljoenenjacht (hunt/chase for millions). John de Mol and Dick de Rijk are responsible for creating the game show format. The main attraction of this format is in the final round, known as the “case game” or “main game,” which is played with up to 26 briefcases – each containing a randomly assigned sum of money. At the start of the game, players choose or are assigned one briefcase, without its content being revealed. The contestant will then choose other cases, one at a time, to be revealed immediately and removed from play. Players are offered an amount of money or prizes to quit throughout the game, with the ultimate question “Deal or no deal?” If the player decides to reject every deal and removes all the other cases, the player will keep the money that was in the original case.

The British version of the game first aired on 31 October 2005, and the last show aired on 23 December 2016. Noel Edmonds hosted the show and it aired on Channel 6. In this version, contestants had to choose one of 22 boxes, each containing a cash amount between 1p and £250,000. Contestants would aim to win as much as possible by gambling on having a high amount in their chosen box, or making the game’s hidden operator, aka “The Banker,” offer a good lump sum of cash. Over the years, the show would also feature celebrity editions, as well as a special 10th-anniversary edition in which Noel Edmonds played the game itself.


Deal or No Deal online casino games

The TV show was so popular that it made its way to many casino sites in the form of various casino games. That’s right! Game developers took the game show format and made it into casino games such as online slots and online roulette. It’s ideal for players who enjoy TV show-themed slots, and now players can enjoy the roulette game version too. From mobile slots to casino table games, Deal or No Deal continues to reward players who enjoyed this suspenseful game show.

We take a look at Deal or No Deal Roulette and see what this casino game has to offer and if it is just as exciting as the TV game show.


Deal or No Deal Roulette review



Deal or No Deal Roulette plays out like a straightforward version of European Roulette with two additional side bets – the Banker’s Spin bonus and the Deal or No Deal bonus. This game contains everything that you would usually expect in a European Roulette game, including all inside and outside bets, and racetrack bets such as Voisons Du Zero and Orphelins. You must place chips on the bonus bet section of the roulette table in order to partake in the side bet. Simply click on the various chip values at the bottom of the screen. Proceed to click on the betting mat where you’ll be able to zoom in and choose where to place your bets. Each section of the table has different payouts if they emerge as wins. You will need to check the game’s paytable for all the payout information.

In addition to the standard roulette game, the bonus option is linked to a second ring that will spin outside of the inner section of the wheel that contains the pockets. There are two spots – one red phone and one black phone. If one of these phones lines up with the pocket that the ball lands in, then one of two special features will be activated.

The Deal or No Deal twist on this game will afford players the chance to pick a suitcase which then belongs to them. Players must then start opening other suitcases to eliminate them during gameplay. Each time the player chooses a suitcase, a prize is revealed, and is taken off the board. After the player chooses six suitcases, the banker will make an offer that is worth a little less than the average of the remaining prizes. The player may accept this offer or choose to continue with the game. If a player chooses to accept an offer at any time, they will win the prize immediately and return to the main roulette table.

Deal or No Deal Roulette has an RTP (return to player) of 97.29% and makes sure to provide the same fun that the TV game show has.

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