Fun Progressive Slots and How to Play Them

If you love to play slots online, you’ll have noticed that casinos differentiate between classic and jackpot slots. However, all slots have a jackpot up for grabs, so what exactly is the difference? That, friends, would be progressive jackpots! Progressive slots offer jackpot prizes that increase each time someone plays them and keep on getting bigger until someone wins.

Progressive slots are the most popular type of slot games at online casinos. But what are they, how do they work, and how do you play them? Let’s find out.

What are progressive slots?

As the name suggests, progressive slots do not have a fixed jackpot. Instead, a small percentage of every real-money wager placed on the game goes towards the jackpot. This means that it progresses in size with each bet until someone wins it, and can range from a few thousand pounds to a few million!

While some progressive slots automatically pay out when someone hits a certain combination, most are uncapped and will continue to grow until someone claims them. Some slots, such as Gems Gone Wild, are dedicated progressives, whereas others are versions of existing games that are connected to a jackpot network.

The jackpot size is usually displayed in real time, enabling players to see what they’re playing for. When the jackpot is won, it is reset to a predetermined amount, called a seed. With each bet placed contributing to the jackpot, players contribute a few pence each time they play, so that someone will eventually claim the prize, much like the lotto.

How do progressive slots work?

The model that progressive slots are based on, which makes such huge jackpot wins possible, is as follows:

The contribution

With each bet placed during a progressive slot game, a small percentage is contributed to a separate pot, which is used to fund the grand jackpot. This ranges from about 1.5% up to around 7%, depending on the online slot game and its developer.

The seed

The seed refers to the reset point after someone wins the progressive jackpot, and is the minimum starting point that is provided by the casino or game supplier. You might have noticed that after someone scores a progressive jackpot, the jackpot amount doesn’t just go back to zero. This is because no one would play a slot with a jackpot of £5, let alone £0. As an example, IGT’s MegaJackpots™ range of progressive slots have a prize pool seeded at £500,000.

The prize

As we’ve mentioned, progressive jackpots keep rising until they are won. While million-pound jackpots may get all the attention, there are many jackpot sizes below that. IGT’s MegaJackpots™ have paid jackpot wins averaging £846,000 around every 10 or so weeks. This is an innovative approach that keeps itself running by keeping players interested, therefore keeping the jackpot growing.

Types of progressive slots

Below, we discuss the three types of progressive slot machine games available to play.

Standalone progressives

This was the first kind of progressive slot available and can be played at land-based casinos only. A standalone progressive slot machine is one where bets placed only on that specific machine feed the jackpot. The jackpots available on these slot machines are usually under £10,000.

Local progressives

Local progressives evolved from standalone machines, and can still be found at brick-and-mortar casinos. These slot games feature jackpots within a specific casino that are linked, and the network can include anywhere from a few dozen machines to a few hundred, increasing the hype around the game and the jackpot on offer. These games usually have jackpots under £1,000,000 and often under £100,000.

Wide area network progressives

These are the most popular slots available at land-based and online casinos. Wide area network progressives link machines from multiple casinos in the same area, which allows the jackpot to accumulate huge sums of money.

Progressive jackpot win mechanics

When you play online slots, you set your bet amount and spin the reels, after which a random number generator (RNG) reveals a set of symbols. When a combination of winning symbols appears (according to the game’s paytable), the jackpot will be triggered. The following factors can be helpful (and sometimes necessary) to increase your chances of winning:

  • Play at maximum bet – Some online progressive slots will only let you win the jackpot if you’ve placed the maximum bet. Many progressive slots also offer levels of jackpots available at lower stakes; these will not, however, be the grand progressive. Make sure to check the specifics of the slot you are playing to know where you stand.
  • Hitting symbol combinations – Games may have certain symbol combinations that trigger the progressive jackpot, for example, landing five bonus symbols on the 10th payline. Review the game’s paytable to know what the specific symbols and lines are.
  • Playing a bonus game – Many progressive slots feature a bonus round that can be triggered during the base game, such as spinning a wheel or picking cards. In some of these games, the progressive jackpot may only be available during these bonus rounds – again, make sure you know how the game you’re playing works before you get into the thick of it.
  • Must-drop jackpots – Certain online slots feature must-drop jackpots, which are programmed to trigger by a predetermined deadline. These usually attract more money as the deadline approaches.

Top progressive slots

Dive into some of the best progressive slots available at our online casino. Here are some of our top picks:

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/ 22 July 2021