National Playing Cards Day Commemorate And Play

Let’s go back in time to reveal where this form of entertainment came from! Playing cards were invented by the Chinese before 1000AD. However, they only reached Europe around 1360AD, after having gone through various other territories and all sorts of modifications on the way. Playing Cards are now an unmissable game in casinos around the world, on online casino sites and it obviously made its way into our homes, as one of the most entertaining family pastimes. At Spin & Win, we hence make it a must to commemorate National Playing Cards Day and this time on, we will highlighting the game’s key innovation and its various variants.

The Beauty of Playing Cards Lies in Its Variants!

As it went through the test of time and travelled across so many countries, playing cards have obviously gone through drastic changes, all sorts of variants have cropped up. These now make for the large number of games that can be played from a single deck of cards. Let’s look at some of the most popular card games:


Just to remind you, poker is a game which people play with a normal set (or deck) of 52 cards. This gambling game involves some luck, but also some skill. Once in-game, players make bets against each other depending on the value of their poker hand. Also note that many variants exist, and this includes stud poker, draw poker, community card poker, straight, Texas hold’em, five cards draw, five card stud and so on.


You casino game fanatics surely love this one! Blackjack (formerly Blackjack and Vingt-Un) also known as pontoon and twenty-one, is a casino banking game. Presently, it is considered as one of the most widely played casino banking games in the world, it uses decks of 52 cards. Blackjack players do not compete against each other. It is a comparing card game where each player competes against the dealer. The goal is to get a total card value of 21 or to come closer to it, without going over, than the dealer. 


Solitaire is another super fun card game here guys and it’s also called patience or cabale. It’s part of the family of card games played by one person. Solitaire was originally called (in various spellings) either ‘patience’, as it still is in England, Poland, and Germany, or ‘cabale’, as it still is in Scandinavian countries. Are your ready to get back at it?


You’ve heard about this one too, right? It’s an old time favourite and it’s none other than rummy! It’s any of a family of card games whose many variants make it one of the best-known and most widely played. Rummy games are based on a simple mechanism and a simple object of play. Players must draw cards from a stockpile and discard unwanted cards from the hand to a waste pile, from which cards can also be subsequently drawn, and the object is to form sets of three or four cards of the same rank or sequences of three or more cards of the same suit. Any cards left in a player’s hand at end of play count as penalties.

Playing Your Favourite Card Games Online or on Mobile!

Gaming technology is quickly progressing and playing cards have benefited greatly since 1000 AD! Card games have also moved online. You can play traditional games like poker and backgammon against anyone in the world. And you can indulge in digital card games, all backed by some of the largest developers in the gaming industry. App stores also hold a large choice of card game applications for both mobile and tablets. Players are now enjoying their favourite variants on the go or simply in their comfy area at home.

The opportunities for fun are almost endless and you can still plan to celebrate National Playing Cards Day now if you have missed the actual date!

Neal / 04 February 2022