Why Spin & Win Players Can't Get Enough of Roulette Games

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games played all over the world and has been played for centuries. Today, online roulette has become one of the most thrilling games that the online casino industry provides to its players. But whether you’re enjoying it online or at a land-based casino with people flocking around the felt table, there’s no denying that roulette provides huge excitement when the ball is thrown onto the spinning wheel. But why is this such a well-loved game of chance?

3 reasons why roulette is a popular casino game

1. It’s easy to learn how to play

If you’re new to casino games and don’t know where to start, roulette can prove to be a fantastic introduction to the gaming world. There aren’t any sets of rules like the ones found in poker and blackjack. This makes it easy for beginners to get the hang of the game, whose simplicity is the very thing that attracts so many players.



2. The mystery makes it an enthusiastic game

Players are required to take a chance on which number the white ball will land on. Numbers on the wheel go from 1 to 36, plus there is always a zero “0” pocket – plus in some versions of roulette such as American, you’ll also see a double-zero “00” pocket. It’s simply anyone’s guess where the ball will land next. The highly unpredictable nature of the game creates enthusiasm among the players. As the croupier releases the ball on the roulette wheel, players’ heartbeats may quicken in anticipation of whether the ball will land on their predicted bet.


3. It’s a social game

If you’re new to roulette, your chances of winning are just the same as a more experienced player. More so, the game is played against the house and not any of the other players present, which makes for more lighthearted banter with other gamblers at the table. People can place the same bets and have a really amicable experience at the roulette table.


There’s a variety of roulette games online


Another incredible aspect of enjoying roulette online is the wide variety of variants of the game. At Spin and Win, players can’t get enough of roulette games. We have different variants that will engage and captivate you. Whether you prefer European, French or American roulette, you’re sure to find some scintillating titles on our site.

Here are some of our most popular ones.


European Roulette Pro

Players get to place their bets at our online casino with European Roulette Pro. It is considered one of the most glamorous tables at our casino site. Designed by Play’n GO, European Roulette Pro allows players to place their bets on a single number or a range of numbers, the colours red or black, or whether the number is odd or even. The roulette wheel is then spun to determine the winning number and colour. With an RTP (return to player) of 97.30%, the minimum bet players can place is £1.


American Roulette Switch

Microgaming presents American Roulette Switch online! It features a user-friendly interface with a realistic 3D American roulette wheel that’s powered by a well-built game engine. If you’re looking for a change from online slots, this classic casino table game is the perfect one for you. As mentioned, the American roulette wheel features both zero and double-zero pockets, which distinguishes it from the European variants of the game. American Roulette Switch has an RTP of 94.74% and comes with a wide variety of possible bets.


Roulette Classic: Revived

Roulette Classic: Revived offers traditional-style gameplay in the European roulette format. It is built on a brand-new game engine with a realistic 3D roulette wheel that really enhances the action. With the added treat of HD visuals, players can set the stakes on the number(s) that they want to. There’s also a Re-Bet option which lets you place the same bet as on the previous round. With its classic roulette gameplay, those giving this title a go will embrace a familiar setup, but will no doubt also appreciate the graphic upgrades. Roulette Classic: Revived has an RTP of 97.30% and the minimum bet is £0.25.


First Person Roulette

Evolution Gaming presents First Person Roulette, an immersive casino experience. Players enjoy the thrill of virtually taking a seat at the roulette table. The beauty of this game is that players can jump between the virtual game and a live studio as they play. First Person Roulette features sleek and sophisticated gameplay that comes with a unique twist. Instead of playing in front of a live dealer and other players, the game is simulated and played solo. The great thing about this title, however, is that players have the option of switching to the live version (and back again) at the touch of a button. First Person Roulette has some stellar visuals which many players thoroughly enjoy. This roulette game has an RTP of 97.30% and the minimum bet is £0.10.


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