Vintage Arcade Games for the 21st Century

Arcade games have shaped generations and continue to influence popular culture today. Long before we had the privilege of exploring online slots’ reels and cascading symbols from the comfort of our home, people would play amusement arcade games. Much like the draw and success of today’s online casino, the 1970s and 1980s saw a great demand for arcade games, many of which inspired what followed in later decades.

Vintage arcade games

Let’s take a look at some vintage arcade games that influenced the 21st century as well as arcade games that you can get your hands on today!

Space Invaders, 1978

Space Invaders is regarded as the arcade game that kicked off the golden age of arcade gaming. It’s one of the earliest shooter games and inspired many similar titles. Space Invaders was the highest-grossing entertainment product and best-selling video game of its time. This arcade game saw players destroying aliens with a laser cannon. Although it has a basic interface, Space Invaders is still quite popular today. This timeless game helped to expand the arcade industry to its global phenomenon status.

Pac-Man, 1980

Pac-Man is a world-famous maze game with the ghosts known as Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. This simple 2D game sees Pac-Man eating pellets for points and the “power pellets” turn the pursuing ghosts into the pursued. Pac-Man is considered to be one of the most influential video games ever made. In fact, it founded the maze-chase genre and is said to have opened the gaming industry to a female audience. Pac-Man is the most profitable arcade game ever made.

Centipede, 1980

Centipede used the Space Invaders gaming model and added insects, so the player has to combat a centipede with spiders, scorpions, and fleas dropping down and moving in a zig-zag pattern (to harass you). In this game, you move around with a trackball at the bottom of the screen. When you shoot parts of the centipede, it turns into a mushroom. The aim of the game is to stop the descending enemy from reaching the bottom of the screen. Basically, everything you destroy turns into points, and you earn lives when you get points. When you lose all your lives, the game comes to an end.

Popular casino arcade games

There have been many attempts to bring the joy of the amusement arcade to casino games that can be played online. Here are three of our favourites.

Little Green Men – Warp Reactor

Designed by IGT, Little Green Men – Warp Reactor is an online slot that takes on an arcade feel. Players can go planet-hopping in this interplanetary-themed game. The unique hexahedron-shaped reels contain 7 individual reels with symbols such as planets.

To form winning combinations, you’ll need to land clusters of 3 or more adjacent planets of the same colour on the game’s grid. There are also spaceships and gold symbols present on the reels, which can both trigger a bonus round. With an RTP (return to player) of 93%, Little Green Men – Warp Reactor is worth checking out!

Gems Odyssey

Prepare to blast off in this spectacular online slot and see what incredible wins this casino game from Skillzzgaming has to offer. In Gems Odyssey, you must match clusters of at least 3 sparkling gems across the 5x5 grid. There are plenty of rubies and sapphires that’ll gain your attention across the reels. The Nebula Stones are the real game-changer, here, as they can provide up to 100x your stake.

For a casino arcade game feel, play Gems Odyssey and experience what it’s like to play a retro game. Gems Odyssey has an RTP of 94.50%, so get ready to travel through space in your quest to unlock some sensational winning combinations!

Battle Mania

In this casino arcade game, players can join a band of warriors and battle the league of creatures that arise. Designed by Microgaming, Battle Mania offers a suspenseful gaming experience where players can win great prizes. At first, you might be shocked that there are no paylines and reels in this game, but it is in fact considered an online slot game.

You’ll have to choose between certain teams of characters, and each team has a value and volatility rating. Your chosen team will battle and deal damage to your enemy monster. After you place your bet, a character will do a set of damage with each crystal representing one damage point. When the enemy receives 5 damage points, it will die and the character wins.

There are some fun features to look out for, including multiple bonus features, 5 islands to explore, and plenty of on-screen action. Battle Mania has an RTP of 94.75% and the minimum bet to start playing this fantastic game is £0.50.

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Sofie Holmess / 10 June 2021