Fat Rabbit Online Slot Review

If you’re looking for lighthearted and upbeat casino games, you can’t go wrong with Fat Rabbit. With top-notch graphics and a range of bonus features, you’ll find more than enough to keep you entertained as you spin the reels. Be sure to look out for carrot wilds for the namesake bunny to crunch on! Find out more in our review below.



Fat Rabbit is a 5x5-reel slot game with 50 paylines. This means there are more than just a handful of opportunities to land winning combinations! With medium variance, the game also offers an average payout ratio, as opposed to lower variance slots, which might pay out more frequently but with lower win potential, or high variance games that pay out less often but with bigger prizes.

Besides that, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the countryside as you take in the sounds of a working farm and hope to harvest as many carrots as possible out of the fertile farm soil.

Gameplay and graphics


Farm-themed games are popular for a reason. In our mostly urban-driven lives, it’s a treat to escape out into the countryside and enjoy a change of pace, especially when it comes with a relaxing, banjo-lead soundtrack. One of the first things you might notice is that the game is designed to offer a particularly mobile-friendly casino experience, so you can play it in any location – rural or urban, your choice!

Taking a look at the reels, it’s clear that there’s work to be done on the farm, as you see bales of hay and buckets of water fill your 5x5 grid. You’ll also notice that not all the symbols might display as much enthusiasm about having a carrot-hungry rabbit anywhere on the reels, as some of the top-paying symbols include an angry-looking farmer and a snarling dog.

Lower-paying symbols include wooden-carved playing card suit symbols, which appear to have been lovingly handcrafted. Apart from these, the top symbols to look out for are the ravenous white rabbit wild and the carrot wild, which also form part of the bonus features that we’ll discuss in the next section.

Bonuses and features


As you might have guessed from the name of the game, this online slot game is all about feeding the white rabbit!

Elements to look out for include the Random Harvest feature, which can occur at any time during the game when the noisy tractor drives over the reels, pulling up some carrot wild symbols on the way and leading to unexpected winning combinations.

When you land a white rabbit wild on the reels, you’ll have a chance to activate the Expanding Wilds feature. After landing the white bunny, all you need to do is land enough carrot wild symbols on the reels to fill up the meter on the right of the grid.

If you get this right, your white rabbit will proceed to get fatter and fatter and expand to cover more space on the reels, i.e., the Expanding Wilds feature. This can bring in some epic wins, especially if you manage to land loads of carrots! During this feature, you can also trigger free spins every time you fill up the meter.

Free games can also be activated each time you land three rabbit symbols on the reels. When you add this to the potential free games you can trigger in the Expanding Wilds feature, that’s a whole lot of potential spins!



Our verdict

If you’re looking to play mobile-friendly slots at a reputable casino site, then Fat Rabbit will keep you entertained, with many features to look forward to as you spin the reels. We also think the game has managed to balance a cutesy look and feel with some engaging gameplay, which means it gets top points from us!

We have to say, we enjoyed watching the indulgent little bunny get bigger and bigger every time we got another carrot, and it is very satisfying to watch the meter on the right fill up. This gives the game an almost arcade-style feel, which is both nostalgic and highly entertaining.


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