How to Play First Person Football Studio

Evolution Gaming has created many exciting casino games in 3D format and includes games from a variety of genres, and to suit all kinds of tastes.

If you’re a fan of football, you’ll be pleased to know that this innovative game developer has also developed a card game specifically for footie fans, namely First Person Football Studio, which is also known as Top Card.

For those who prefer to fly solo when making bets, you’ll appreciate the simplicity of this game, which only requires you to make one of three bets each round. If this sounds like a fun and undemanding way to spend your time, then read on to learn more about it below.

What is First Person Football Studio?

First Person Football Studio is a very straightforward game, available at the casino site, which is very similar to another Evolution Gaming title called Dragon Tiger. However, in this game, you’ll be more focused on which team is going to win, rather than the fate of these two iconic symbols of luck and good fortune.

The premise of this football-themed game is simple: all you need to do to start playing is to place a bet. As a football fan, you’ll already be used to cheering for the Home or Away team, so all you need to do is put money on either of these or a draw.

With a pretty decent RTP of 96.27%, this game is quite similar to playing many slots online, which offer a comparable return.


Top Card, as it’s also known, features a 3D gaming table setup, with a shoe of cards that will be dealt automatically, no dealer needed.

As you’ll see when you start to play, two cards will be dealt each round on the table layout, which is designed so that it’s immediately very easy to see on the screen who has won, and how you’ve fared on your bet.

You’ll also see all of the background imagery you’d expect from a football game, which might make you feel like you’re about to watch the breakdown of an important game during half-time in a television studio. Although this time, there won’t be a detailed play-by-play analysis or slow-motion replay; it’ll just be you and the cards!

Why it’s fun to play

If you like to kick back and play casino games without too many distractions, and enjoy a game that allows you to focus on making simple bets at the click of a button and letting the game do the rest for you, then you’ll have lots of fun playing First Person Football Studio.

And if some exciting football matches are going on at the time, you might even be more inspired to whip out your betting skills too! While your favourite team might win or lose in real life, there is always a chance that either the Home or Away team will win in each round in this game.

What’s more, the results come a lot more quickly in each round than in a typical 90-minute football game!

How to play

When you play slot games, all you need to do is place your bets on a payline, and click the button to see if you’ve landed a winning combination on a spin (or perhaps a free spins casino bonus).

Similar to slots, in this game, all you need to do is bet on whether you think the Home or Away team is going to win, or if it’s going to be a draw. Two cards will be dealt, one on either side of the table, and you’ll know immediately if you’ve won – it’s as easy as that!

Tips and strategies

As in many kinds of automated casino games, there isn’t much you can do to influence the outcome of the game, as the cards that are dealt are completely random, and facilitated by an RNG (random number generator).

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Sofie Holmess / 20 May 2021