Very few can match the entertainment of bingo games and slots, they were always very popular among land-based venues, where thousands would play the games. With recent updates, the fun is now online with digital bingo and slot games. However, have you ever thought about the possibility of a game that has combined the best of both worlds? That would be an incredibly entertaining combination, right? Rejoice, since we are offering a game that offers elements from both popular genres… it's called Slingo!

One thing is for sure when you play Slingo games. The blend of these two unique experiences gives players the kind of fun they have always been looking for. While Slingo games are originally inspired by elements of slots and bingo, they are now being developed to reflect game shows and popular slots. In general, it’s a game that has been put together to encourage fun and entertaining playing rounds.

At Spin and Win Casino, we are in the position to offer our players the opportunity to enjoy great gameplay and features while getting closer to bumper rewards. Therefore, we chose to dedicate a whole page to Slingo games. This will also make your search easier for the perfect Slingo game, we have combined all of them on one page. This way, they are all in one place for you to play. Stay tuned on our exclusive Slingo page for new titles being added regularly.

Slots + Bingo = Slingo! Play Slingo Games!

If you were always ready for some bingo fun, with dabber in hand, or prefer the spins of slot games, then Slingo are your perfect games to play. This blend of the two is a hit among many online gaming sites and you can pick any of the displayed slingo games to play.

Once you start playing Slingo, you will notice that it comes in different styles and variations. Some might be more focused on the slot elements of the game while others are more about the bingo fun. Most Slingo games feature bingo grids and reels that display symbols. And that also, when the reels show icons or numbers that match on your grid, they are marked. Whenever you complete lines diagonally, horizontally, or vertically, they will bring cool rewards as you play slingo.

However, you might be interested to know that the rules can change… based on the Slingo game that is being played. Each Slingo comes with varying rules, features, and bonuses.

Speaking of bonuses, the common bonuses are the Joker and the Super Joker Symbols. These symbols are inspired by the traditional Wild cards that are popular on slots. Joker symbols can chip in on the grid, allowing you to mark any symbol to draw you closer to the completion of a line. As for the Super Joker symbol, they are known to mark off all examples of a symbol throughout the grid.

On some slot games, you might have seen the cash symbols and free spins symbols. Well, these great bonuses can be found on Slingo games as well. This time, they are easier to understand. Cash symbols will grant you an instant win and free spins symbols will give you a free spin that won’t be counted on your spins count.

The Long History of Slingo

Slingo has a surprisingly long history! Given its innovative style, one might think that it is only recently that it was brought into action. But that is not the case. Slingo games were introduced in the US and slowly, it reached the UK in 2018. This is how the great game provider, Slingo Originals, brought the magic of Slingo games to Great Britain. It was not long before everyone noticed the entertaining gameplay of Slingo games.

Since it has become popular, Slingo Originals have released slot games based on shows, games, and slots. Their releases include Deal Or No Deal Slingo, Monopoly Slingo, Slingo Rainbow Riches Slot, and many others. Browse through our listing and play all these amazing online slingo games!

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