Review: Live Crazy Time from Evolution

Brought to you by top live casino game developer Evolution Gaming, Crazy Time is a live game that comes with a money wheel, an enthusiastic live presenter, four bonus rounds, a mystery multiplier, and a top prize of 160,000x your bet!

Todd Haushalter, Chief Product Officer of Evolution Gaming, launched the game at the ICE Exhibition in 2020, saying: “It’s a carnival of activity, with a wheel loaded with bonuses. There are shows within a show. Crazy Time is the most fun casino game ever made.”

Based on the same concept as Evolution’s Dream Catcher and Monopoly Live wheels, Crazy Time is fast becoming one of the most popular live casino games, hosting action-packed live entertainment and RNG- (random number generator) powered gameplay for an exciting and colourful gaming experience. What’s more, you can experience it for yourself at Spin and Win!

Game overview

The vibrant, colourful game-show atmosphere of online casino game Crazy Time is a delight! A friendly host (donning a colourful, circus-like suit) runs the show – they’ll take players’ bets and spin the giant wheel, which is central to the game. Expect playful banter to keep you entertained throughout! Players can bet on one of eight segments by placing a chip on the corresponding tab. Crazy Time offers a wide bet limit –from a minimum of £0.10 to a maximum of £1,000 per round – making it attractive to all kinds of players!

The game also comes with a “Top Slot”, which spins simultaneously to the wheel each round. The Top Slot generates a random multiplier — for a randomly chosen segment, which can either be a bonus game or multiply the original bet number. Should the multiplier and the wheel align, players who bet on that segment will win the multiplier payout.

There are 54 segments on the wheel, comprising eight sections. Each segment is a different colour, and each colour represents the type of win you can land. Segments pay out 1x (blue), 2x (yellow), 5x (pink), and 10x (purple) the bet, or lead to one of the four bonus games.

How to play

Let’s get down to basics! As mentioned, the money wheel contains 54 segments, which contain either a number (1, 2, 5, or 10) or a bonus-game symbol. Out of the 54, there are four Coin Flip segments, two Cash Hunt segments, two Pachinko segments, and one Crazy Time segment.

Players will choose their amounts (£0.10 to £1,000 per spin), place their bets on a segment of the wheel, and hope for the best as the presenter spins the wheel! So if you’ve bet on “5”, and the wheel lands on 5, you’ll be awarded a cash prize of 5x your bet. Simple!

If a Top Slot multiplier is applicable, your bet amount will again be multiplied by the active multiplier amount. Should the wheel stop on a bonus segment, that bonus game will be initiated. Players who bet on that bonus round will take part in the bonus game, whereas players who didn’t will only be able to watch the round unfold.

Evolution Games has said that on average, players can expect to go into a bonus game around every 6th spin – but being a high-volatility game, these happen generally anywhere between 6 and 30 spins, and you can expect a few dead spins, a couple small but frequent wins, and a really big win every now and then!

Let’s take a look at the step-by-step instructions on how to win big with Crazy Time.

1. Choose your game

Choose a reliable online casino site such as Spin and Win, and register to play. Select Crazy Time and enter the game. You’ll join a live studio setting, where the host presents the game to you and other players. On-screen you’ll see the Crazy Time studio, and at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the betting options.

2. Place your bet

Choose the amount you want to play with that round, and simply place your bet on numbers 1, 2, 5 or 10, or any of the four bonus rounds. You may want to consider the law of probability while placing bets – if a bonus round hasn’t occurred during the past 10 spins, for instance, there is a higher likelihood (on average) that it will occur within the next few – which would affect where you’re going to choose to wager. But it’s also important to realise that every spin of the wheel is unique, and it really could land anywhere.

Take a look at the paytable below to view the numbers, how frequently they occur, and their RTP (return to player):

Segment RTP (%)

Number of segments Payout

1 96.08 21 1:1
2 95.95 13 2:1
5 95.78 7 5:1
10 95.73 4 10:1
Coin Flip 94.33 4 Up to £500,000
Cash Hunt 95.27 2 Up to £500,000
Pachinko 94.41 2 Up to £500,000
Crazy Time 95.70 1 Up to £500,000

3. The wheel starts spinning

Sit back with your fingers crossed as the presenter spins the wheel.

4. Multiplier is set

While the wheel is spinning, so will the reels on the Top Slot. If the reels land on a multiplier that aligns with the corresponding wheel segment, your bet amount will be multiplied by the active multiplier amount.

5. The wheel stops

If the wheel stops on the segment you bet on — you won! If the top slot aligns with the wheel, you’ll receive the relevant multiplier too. And if the wheel stops on the bonus round you bet on, the bonus round is activated.

6. Bonus games

Bonuses will be paid to all the active players once the bonus round is complete, and then a new game will begin. Find more on the bonus games in the section below.


The bonus games are what really make Crazy Time, taking it from a simple, live dealer online slot-like game to a dynamic, endlessly entertaining, keep-you-on-your-toes show game!

The game’s wheel can land on one of four bonus rounds. While all players can watch the bonus games, only those who wagered on the winning spot can take part in the bonus games. Bonus rounds appear every six spins on average. Let’s take a look at the four bonus rounds.

Coin Flip

This is the most straightforward bonus round. The coin (like all coins) has two sides – one red, the other blue – and each has a multiplier value. A machine flips the coin, and you win the multiplier assigned to the colour it lands on!

Cash Hunt

You’ll see a screen of multipliers that transform into colourful symbols. The icons will move around the board, hiding the location of the multipliers. You’ll get to choose a multiplier by firing a cannon at it!


For this bonus round, you’ll be welcomed to a large purple screen with prizes featured at the bottom. A ball will drop from a random tile, bounces left and right, and lands on a random prize – good luck!

Crazy Time

This bonus round is named after the game for good reason – it’s a huge wheel that can score you up to 200x in a single spin! You can also draw a “double”, which will double the value of a future win. This massive wheel has three flappers for you to choose from. Whichever flapper you choose is the prize you’ll win at the end of the round.

That’s a wrap! We hope this guide has given you some insight into what it’s like playing Crazy Time, and that you’re both ready and excited to go forth and explore what had been described as the most fun casino game ever!

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