The Most Famous Slot Machines of All Time

People have enjoyed playing slot machines since the late 19th century. Honestly speaking, what would the casino experience be without the sound of slot machines pulsating across the floor? Before the glitz and glamour days of the casino industry, slot machines could be seen in major saloons. People would vehemently spin the reels for nickels and to encompass the “cha-ching” sound that is synonymous with that of classic slot machines paying out.

Over the years, the way we interact with slot games has changed, and now we have online casinos at our disposal for the best casino games and slot titles. But certain unique slot machines will always hold our attention. Let’s take a look at the most famous slot machines of all time!

1. Lions Share

Developed by Microgaming, Lions Share gained huge popularity, thanks to its progressive jackpot. New outlets mentioned that the progressive jackpot had not been won for 20 years, and that sent people into a frenzy. Many people thought that they would be the one to break the 20-year streak. Although Lions Share is a classic and rudimentary 3-reel slot machine, it suddenly became one of the most sought-after slot games in Las Vegas. People would queue up to get their chance of spinning the Lions Share reels! Eventually, a lucky couple did hit the $2.4 million progressive jackpot. The slot machine was soon retired as it required excessive maintenance.

2. Wheel of Fortune

This world-famous slot machine was developed by IGT in 1996. It is still standing strong, with many online casinos offering the Wheel of Fortune slots title. In fact, it is arguably the second most famous slot machine of all time. There are so many Wheel of Fortune variations available for players to get their hands on, including mobile slot versions. However, the most popular is still the 3-reel version, with the beloved colourful wheel displayed on top. Over the years, many Wheel of Fortune players have become multimillionaires, thanks to the game’s jackpot.

3. Starburst

Probably the most well-known slot machine of all time, Starburst has rocked the worlds of many slot fans who have played this casino classic. NetEnt’s Starburst holds legendary status in the iGaming industry too: the online version treats players to an intergalactic background with colourful gems across the screen. This legendary slot machine features 5 reels and 10 paylines, as well as an expanding wild symbol. Undoubtedly, the futuristic music makes Starburst a well-known slot machine for those who have been to a casino before. Its “pay both ways” feature also makes it a hot commodity among slot players.

4. Mega Fortune

This 5-reel and 25-payline slot machine presented by NetEnt has dazzled players with phenomenal gameplay. Mega Fortune is based on luxury cars, yachts, and champagne, while the game has a pretty powerful progressive jackpot up for grabs. There are some really interesting features that make Mega Fortune’s gameplay unique and very attractive for slot players. In 2013, a Finnish man went on to win a world record jackpot of £15,459,745. This record was beaten by a payout from the Mega Moolah slot, but it serves to show how Mega Fortunes has dished out some sensational wins!

5. Cleopatra

Hands down, Cleopatra is one of the most-loved Egyptian-themed slot machines. It was developed by IGT and is a classic game that keeps on thrilling slot players. This beloved title has managed to stand out among the rest of the Ancient Egyptian-inspired slot games. Along with the Egyptian music and visuals, Cleopatra is a classic that all slot players should try at least once. The game was so successful that its developer created the Cleopatra II sequel, which is packed with richer visuals and awe-inspiring music.

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Lisa Stolmings / 12 May 2021