Learn about the different kinds of Slingo games you can play!

Slingo is an incredibly fun game that combines the best parts of online slots and bingo; but you might be wondering, “where do I start?”

There are many different types of Slingo games, each with their own unique twists on the concept. We’ve put together a guide about three of these Slingo bingo games to give you a taste of just how much variety there is out there!

Slingo Classic

While Slingo has been growing in popularity more recently, the game has actually been around for decades in a non-gambling format. The first version launched on America Online (yes, the giant internet service provider, AOL) in 1996, and was introduced to other platforms over the years. However, it was only in 2015 that the first real-money version of the game was launched in the shape of Slingo Riches. This meant that fans of today’s gambling variants may have missed out on the original experience.

Thank goodness, then, that the developers decided to release a special 20th-anniversary edition called Slingo Classic. This version of the game is retro in every sense of the word. The graphics, while updated, are based upon the original designs, and the gameplay stays 100% true to the original game.

That means you can enjoy the original 5x5 grid with the number reel below, with matching numbers being marked off as they appear. If you’re lucky enough to land a Joker, you can choose any number in the matching column to boost your chances of completing a row (either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally) and getting a “Slingo”. This is great because the more completed lines you get, the higher you climb up the paytable! If you’re lucky enough to get a full house (11 Slingos), £500 could be yours!

This take on the classic game, which has an RTP (return to player) of exactly 95%, also features: the Super Joker, which allows you to mark a number off anywhere on the grid; a Coin, which gives you a prize instantly; and a Free Spin, so you have another chance at completing a Slingo! And as always, sneaky Devils sometimes appear on the number reel to block your chances at winning.

If you’re a fan of the first game, or just want to experience what the original was like, be sure to give Slingo Classic a spin!

Monopoly Slingo

You’ve guessed it: Monopoly Slingo is based on the classic board game that many of us grew up playing. This means you’re getting three fantastic games in one: bingo, slots and Monopoly! The 5x5 grid is again present, but instead of trying to complete a row of numbers, the player collects “properties”, just like in the original board game. This sees the removal of the number reel below the grid, which is now surrounded by the traditional Monopoly board.

This version of Slingo doesn’t only change this, however, as many other gameplay mechanics differ from the traditional game. First, players must select a player profile. There are four, each based on Monopoly pieces: the dog, the car, the battleship… and the T Rex. Each of these profiles offers a different number of “dice” rolls, extra rolls, top-prize values, and volatility. The least-volatile profile, the dog, offers a top prize of £2,500 with eight rolls and four extra rolls. The most volatile profile, the T Rex, has a top prize of £20,000 with seven rolls, and as many extra rolls as the player can afford. Overall, this game has an RTP of 95.3%.

Once you’ve decided on your profile, you start the game. Your Monopoly piece is placed on the “Go” square, and the player is asked to roll a pair of dice during each of their turns. Your piece is then moved, depending on your dice roll. If you’re lucky and land a double number, you’ll get a free roll (just like in the board game)! When your piece lands on a property, property cards of the same colour in the centre grid are flipped over.

You can also land on Community Chest, Chance, Joker, and other extras scattered around the board. Each of these affects the game differently. For example: you might get a “get out of jail free” card; your piece might be moved to a specific property on the board; or you might even end up in jail! This neat little touch will undoubtedly remind players of the original board game, and adds true nostalgic value to this Monopoly-themed Slingo title.

Just like many other Slingo games, the more lines you complete, the more Slingos you get! And with each you receive, the higher you move up the win ladder, with 11 completed lines giving you an automatic payout of £750!

So if you find yourself getting nostalgic, be sure to check out Monopoly Slingo – a great combination of not one, not two, but three excellent games!

Slingo Berserk

If you’re a fan of Vikings and adventure, then Slingo Berserk is likely to grab your attention. The standard 5x5 grid again features here, with the player attempting to complete a row of numbers. If you successfully conquer a whole row, you’ll get a Slingo and receive a cash prize! This game has an RTP of 95%.

As with the other games, the player starts with 11 spins, but when their spins run out, they can buy more. However, the closer the player gets to completing the grid, the more each spin costs!

The game also features four jackpots, starting with the £20 Mini. Then there’s the Minor jackpot, which doubles to £40. The Major is the next big prize, and this goes all the way up to £500! Finally, there’s the Mega Jackpot, which comes in at a massive £1,000.

However, getting these jackpots is not so easy. You need to be lucky enough to land a Joker symbol (a hammer with a lightning bolt upon it), which sends a coin shooting up into the pile of coins above the grid. If fortune’s on your side, the coins will trigger the jackpot game, which sees you picking from a grid of golden helmets. Behind each of these golden helmets lies a blue, green, red or golden coin, each bearing a unique Viking face. Getting three of the same-coloured coins will result in you claiming one of the jackpots. Three blue coins will net you £20; three green coins, £40; three red coins, £500; and finally, the gold coins will see you walking away with £1,000.

There is also the Full House reward for £500, which the player receives when they successfully complete 11 rows. But even if you don’t complete all the rows, players can earn rewards for completing each individual row!